1. Meet The Real Carly Fiorina


    The Republican establishment appears to have decided that the former Hewlett-Packard CEO will save it from Donald Trump. Will Fiorina do for America what she did to HP?

  2. When Unions And Civil Rights Activists Worked Together


    Talk radio host Rick Smith took a "People's Tour" of the South this summer to revisit some of the sites where the fights for racial equality and economic justice intersected.

  3. Time to Kill the Death Penalty


    On the surface Americans still favor the death penalty by a margin of two to one. And yet, progressives should now feel comfortable on this issue, especially in a primary election.

  4. The Smoke and Mirrors Behind Balanced-Budget Rhetoric


    When Republican governors promise to bring their budget-balancing skills to Washington, it is worth knowing that those skills involve number-fudging and willful blindness.

  5. Oops, He Did It Again: Six Things You Should Know About Rick Perry


    If nothing else, former Texas governor Rick Perry’s candidacy will prove once and for all that wearing glasses doesn’t actually make you smart – or is enough to get you into the White House.

  6. Stop Calling the TPP a Trade Agreement – It Isn’t


    The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a corporate/investor rights agreement, not a "trade" agreement. "Trade" is a good thing; TPP is not. Using the word "trade" in association with TPP is helping the other side.

  7. Wingnut Week In Review: What’s The Matter With Texas?


    They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and it looks like that applies to right-wing freak-outs, too. Things in the Lone Star State have gotten so loony that every former Texas governor Rick Perry can’t make sense of it.

  8. Wingnut Week In Review: Rand Paul’s Rough Start


    It wasn’t supposed to be this way. When Rand Paul announced his candidacy for president in 2016, he probably didn’t envision his campaign launch becoming one of the worst in recent memory. But that’s exactly what it was.

  9. Obama Is Pushing Two Giant Trade Deals — Here’s What You Need to Know


    Last summer, Barack Obama and leaders of the European Union announced the start of negotiations on another trade deal. Wondering what all of these deals are about? Here’s a primer on the Obama administration’s vision for global trade.

  10. Latinos Want A Progressive Economic Agenda, New Poll Says


    Even though we’re five years into recovery from the 2007-2008 recession, many Latino registered voters still feel the effects of the recession and remain worried about their futures.

  11. 16 House Republicans Who Could Lose For Blocking Immigration Reform


    Democrats need a net gain of 17 seats to take back the House. Here are 16 competitive Republican-held seats where the Latino population is significant enough to influence the outcome of the election.

  12. School Discipline Reform: A Model For Bottom-Up Improvement


    A new report provides promising new strategies for reforming the nation's school discipline policies. It may be even more important to recognize how the new direction in discipline policies came about.

  13. Pollster Celinda Lake’s New Populism Warning


    There are Republican candidates and pollsters "who get this new populism," Celinda Lake told The New Populism Conference last week. If Democrats don't effectively align themselves with the populist mood, Republicans will.

  14. Can Conservatives Stop Defending Slavery?


    Cliven Bundy isn't the first conservative to defend slavery, but he may be one of the first condemned by fellow conservatives for doing so. Does this mean conservatives are ready to stop defending slavery?

  15. Progressive Breakfast


    Enrollment Spike Before Obamacare Deadline Today Exchange signups may hit 7M. Bloomberg: “The government last week said 6 million Americans had enrolled by March 27 and about 1 million people […]

  16. Meet the Billionaires Using Their Wealth to Make Your Life Miserable


    Here are five-plus examples of billionaires who use their money to try to get us to think what they want us to think in order to enact a right-wing economic agenda.

  17. Chris Christie’s Super Bowl Fumble


    With the first ever “mass transit Super Bowl” in his state, Chris Christie had two jobs: Make the trains run on time, and bring home the bacon for New Jersey. What actually happened is a classic example of conservative failure.

  18. Minimum Wage Will Be A Defining Issue For 2014 Elections


    There is a steamroller coming. Republicans have to decide: Will they allow this minimum-wage increase to happen or will they try to obstruct it and run in 2014 as opponents of fair pay for working people?

  19. The Elephant That’s Blocking The Road To Economic Growth


    Corporate participants at a major transportation summit today must address the elephant in the room: the tea-party extremists that many of them bankrolled who block the infrastructure investments they are clamoring for.

  20. It’s Not Safe Out There


    Underfunded OSHA can’t effectively shield workers or whistleblowers. It’s a soleless safety boot – fine on the surface but not serving its purpose. As a result, it’s not safe at work and not safe reporting dangers at work.

  21. WWII Vets, Forget the Monument; They’re Gunning for Your Social Security


    Apparently the only thing both Democrats and Republicans can agree on in Washington is that they can't deal with bad press involving Honor Flight vets. It's time to rev up those engines so the Honor Flight vets can save us all.

  22. Republicans Flinch Again


    The latest suggestion that Republicans will give up a shutdown threat in favor of a debt limit threat is just the latest example of Republicans flinching in the face of political reality.

  23. The Larry Summers Debate: Challenging Wall Street’s Democrats


    The chattering classes are fascinated by the Republicans’ internecine battle to redefine the party in the wake of the George W. Bush calamity and the Mitt Romney defeat.

  24. This Is Who They Are: Not Our Role To Rescue Students Drowning In Debt


    Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) thinks that it is not Congress’s job to keep college affordable. That’s what she said at a House Education and the Workforce Committee markup last week […]

  25. Satisfaction and Smiles in an Unequal World


    If President Obama played basketball with the king of Bhutan, would the world have a better shot at becoming a happier place? What makes us happy? A simple question. In […]

  26. Will Bankers at JPMorgan Chase Finally Pay For Their Misdeeds?


    Will California Attorney General Kamala Harris hang tough in her new lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase, the first to target individual bankers accused of defrauding the public? If so, it would […]

  27. Why We Need A Moratorium On The High Stakes Of Common Core Testing


    By now it's become clear to anyone willing to pay attention that our nation's obsession over education standards and testing has gotten out of hand. In a moment of sanity last week, a leading proponent of the new standards-aligned tests defected from the run-up to implementation and called for a moratorium on the high stakes associated with the Common Core and its new tests.

  28. Sequestered In West, Texas


    Do you want to know what sequestration looks like on the ground, and where the real casualties will be found? Look to West, Texas, where an explosion at a fertilizer […]

  29. The State of Black America


    It's hard to imagine a more relevant moment for the National Urban League to release its State of Black America 2013 report. This year, after all, marks the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington and the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation.

  30. African Americans Still In Depression


    Among African-American voters there are a significant segment that has complained for years that their votes are taken for granted by the Democratic party. It is the bloc whose unity around Barack Obama propelled him into the White House.

  31. The Right Time vs. The Right Thing


    “The Time is always right,” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “to do the right thing.” Unfortunately, that’s not always true in Washington. Courage and conviction is too often in […]

  32. As Public Makes “Hard Choices” On Social Security, Alan Simpson Ducks His “Moment of Truth”


    Alan Simpson’s the lead pitchman for a billionaire- and corporate-funded initiative to slash Social Security that has subjected the public to years of nonstop haranguing and lecturing. The lecturing’s gotten crude, too, as when Simpson insisted that anyone who disagrees with him is shoveling “bullsh*t” That’s tough talk, but it’s a funny thing: When the public makes tough decisions, as it did in a new National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI) survey, the tough-talking Mr. Simpson is nowhere to be found.

  33. The Inconvenient Truth Of Education “Reform”


    Events in the past week showed how market-driven education policies, deceivingly labeled as “reform,” are revealing their truly destructive effects on the streets and in the corridors of government. From […]

  34. Citizens United Still Matters: Our Courts Are On The Auction Block


    Election night 2012 definitely felt like a victory for progressives. President Obama won re-election convincingly, with more than half the electorate casting ballots for the president, Democrats picked up two […]

  35. Defense Lobby Wins, Middle Class Loses In Obama Debt Proposal


    The President’s latest budget offer slashes a 95 year old retiree’s Social Security benefits by more than nine percent — and trims the defense budget by less than one percent. […]

  36. “Right to Work’s” Dark Side – Low Wages, Economic Decline


    Michigan Republicans are pushing low wages, claiming that "right-to-work" laws will "attract businesses." Does it work?

  37. The 1 Percent’s “Fiscal Cliff” Counter-Revolution Will Be Televised


    Free speech is a beautiful thing. And it’s amazing how free someone’s speech becomes — and how unavoidable — when they’re part of a tiny elite with billions of dollars […]

  38. Progressive Breakfast


    <h3>MORNING MESSAGE: Obama Has Political Capital</h3> <a href=”http://blog.ourfuture.org/obama-has-political-capital-he-should-use-it/”>OurFuture.org’s Richard Eskow:</a> “So, let’s get this straight: A Republican President is re-elected in 2004 with 284 electoral votes and the pundits say […]

  39. Diamond Jamie: Latest News On the JPMorgan Chase Crime Watch


    History will judge us, at least in part, by our willingness to defend our moral principles against the corrupting influence of the Wall Street capos. So far their campaign cash and lucrative revolving-door jobs have kept them above the law, while their PR firms and personal salesmanship have exempted them from moral judgement in the inner corridors of wealth and power.

  40. Michelle Rhee Misreads “Shift Among Democrats” On Education


    In her recent Washington Post op-ed, Michelle Rhee ruminated over the outcome of the Chicago Teachers Strike and concluded that not only were the Chicago teachers "never about the k